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Dzintra Kurme-Gedroica. Music for Organ (01/10/2019)

Speaking of her works, Dzintra Kurme-Gedroica explains: “My music is largely a diary of my emotions and soul.” A thread of neoclassicism weaves through the composer’s picturesquely bright, colourful, at times expressively sharpened internal illumination of the world. This is also reflected in her organ music, which astonishes with its varied world of characters. Here we can find both an emotionally tense sound which mingles with lighter, more lyrical colours, impressionistic landscapes with a calm, unhurried pace, and modern takes on playful characters.

Kurme-Gedroica’s organ music is often performed both within and outside Latvia. Her organ music has largely been composed after encouragement by Latvian performers, including organists Aija Ziņģīte, Ligita Sneibe, Ilona Birģele, Diāna Jaunzeme and others.


Dzintra Kurme-Gedroica, contemporary music, organ music
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