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Andris Dzenītis "Octagon" (21/03/2019)

A new cycle "Octagon" for piano by Andris Dzenītis has been released!
"This cycle of piano works unites the contrasting impressions of the colours and energy of my homeland with the culture, nature and spirituality of Greece, which I absorbed during my wanderings there, in the hot month of July. Eight parts of this work comprise seven miniatures gathered around a noticeably larger, more sonata-like, energetic opus. One can compare these pieces to small, warm, coloured hill: full of varied emotions, worldviews and characters, each one is compared with the majestic castle, an entity rarely associated with positive emotions. ... Although the cycle is intended as a whole and its parts are to be played in the order shown, they can also be payed as stand-alone pieces.
The opus is dedicated to the wonderful pianist Reinis Zariņš." /Andris Dzenītis/

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