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Andris Dzenitis "Mara" ( 27/09/2018 )

New work “Māra” for simphony orchestra  by Latvian composer Andris Dzenītis will be premiered in Leipzig, Germany, next Thursday, 4th of October.

Commissioned by the Leipzig Gewandhausorchester and Boston Symphony Orchestra, it will be premiered in Leipzig Gewandhaus by the Gewandhausorchester and conductor Andris Nelsons. On 13th of October “Māra” will be performed in Latvian National opera, and on 16th of October in Liepāja concert hall “Great Amber”.

Andris about his work:
The triad is central to the archaic Latvian mythology: the highest, immaterial power, the God, and two of its manifestations in the wordly realm – Laima and Māra. Māra manifests in different ways. We encounter her in every step we take, whenever we see, hear, smell, touch, or feel. She is in charge of birth and death, of the matter and substance of the world, space, both the tangible and the evanescent. Air and water. Dewy meadows and mould. A mystery. The energy that comes into being and leads to its own destruction. The beginning and the end.
In the composition I reflect on the manifestations of Māra both in a sacral - mythological, and a graphic sense: by tracing different meanders and line segments characteristic of Māra symbolic signs in the facture and sounds.

I want to use sound to let the power of Latvian mythological signs reach every corner no matter where the piece will be performed. This is the musical encoding of my personal understanding of what it means to be Latvian. The work is dedicated to my coeval, the great conductor Andris Nelsons.”

Latvian Composers for the Centenery of Latvia ( 14/06/2018 )

"Latvian Composers for the Centenary of Latvia" has been released!
As Latvia's centenary drew near, the artistic director and head conductor of State Choir Latvia - Māris Sirmais - revealed an idea for a gift to Latvia: to make a creative laboratory in which Latvian composers would create new a capella pieces for mixed choir. As a result, inspired by the idea 77 composers wrote songs for mixed choir. State Choir Latvia collected, rehearsed and performed the works over the course of three years and five concerts. This new repertoire would be relevant not only during Latvia's celebrated anniversary, but also for many years after the grand festivities.
This publication contains the sheet music of 19 choral works and a list of all the songs created in the creative laboratory, and the sheet music of all the pieces will soon be available in Musica Baltica.

Ilze Arne "Around the World in 80 pages, Part I" ( 15/05/2018 )

An exciting new collection by Ilze Arne for piano has been released!
"Around the World in 80 Pages, Part I" is a fun and educational way to learn piano and to learn about the world. Colorful illustrations and interesting questions in the book make it so much more exciting for new musicians! You can find the book in Musica Baltica shop.

Ilze Arne "Just for Boys" ( 15/05/2018 )

"Just for Boys" by Ilze Arne now available in Musica Baltica shop! This book contains nine original pieces for piano by Ilze Arne. 

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