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Puce, Valts (1962)

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Latvian Composers for the Centenary of Latvia ()
Songs for mixed choir 2 ()
Songs for mixed choir 1 ()
Four Seasons (Mixed choir and instrumental ensembl)
My Language (soli SS, SAATBB, perc.)
My Language (soli SS, SAATBB; bsn.; pipe; perc.)
Songs for Male Voice Choirs ()
Sonnet No.12 (SS soli, SSATBB)
Forgivness and Happiness is Born ()
Songs for Mixed Choir II ()
Songs for Boys' Choirs II ()
Songs for 5th-9th Class and Girls' Choirs II ()
XI Latvian School Youth Song and Dance Festival: Conductor's Book ()
Songs for Mixed Choir I ()
Songs for 5th-9th Class and Girls' Choirs I ()
The Daile Theatre Song Book 2005 ()
Songs About Latvia's Rivers ()
Songs for Boys' Choirs- for singers ()
Concert ''Riga 810'' Songs for Choirs ()
Songs for Boys' Choirs- for conductors ()
Songs from the Theatre ()
Balsis II- Songs for School Vocal Ensembles ()
Winter Roads (from cycle "Seasons") (SBar soli, SSAATBB, vln., Vc., Db.)
Summery Landscapes. Natural Midsummer Celebration. (from cycle "Seasons") (SSSAAATTBB, soli)
A Bonfire (SATB soli, SAATTB)
Away in a Manger (2nd version) (SATB, hn., C, tbn., timp., org.)
On Christmas Night All Christians Sing (SATB, solo T, F, C (I, II), tbn., tamb., org.)
Sonnet No.12 (SS soli, SSATBB)
Autumn Field (from cycle "Seasons") (SSB solo, SSAATTBBB, pipe, bsn., perc.)
It Will Snow Tomorrow (SATB, solo S)
Five Catullus Songs “Odi et Amo” (TTBB)
Songs of Spring (SAATTTBBB, soli AA; Bali fl., ob., hp., Vc., Db., tamb., dr., tom.-t.)
Sleep, Little Child (SATB, soli (2 boys), 2 C, tbn., hn., org.)
The First Nowell (soli ST; SATB; hn.; ch.bells; org.)
Away in a Manger (SATB; solo S, C, tbn., hn., org.)
Silent Night, Holy Night (SATB, soli ST, C, org.)
What Child is This? (SATB; solo S, C, tbn., hn., org.)
The Light Dawned, the Sun Rose (SA soli, A group, SSAATBB)
Angels from the Realms of Glory (SATB; picc.tpt.(I, II), tbn., hn., org., timp.(GCDF), perc.: cymb., orch.bells)
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (SATB, solo T; picc.tpt., C, tbn., hn., org.)
Throughout the night (SSAATBB)
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