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Praulins, Ugis (1957)

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Laughing Song (TTTBB)
Laughing Song (SSAA)
Laughing Song (SSATB)
I Walked in the Dark (SSSSSAAAAATTTBBB; soloists ensemble)
Latvian Composers for the Centenary of Latvia ()
Remembrance (soli; SATB; p-no)
O beata Trinitas (5th movement from the cycle Odi et amo) (SSATB; vln.I, vln.II, Vla., vc.; kbd.I, II; a.gtr.; e.gtr.; bass; dr.)
O Lux Beatissima (mixed choir)
New for Young People II ()
All Roads are Full of Fire (SATB; pno.)
Odi et amo, cycle (Soli: 3 upper voices, Treble, B., Bar.; Boys’ Choir SSAATTBB; fl., s.rec., ocarina; hp., kokle, zith.; vln. I, vln. II, Vla., vc.; pno., kbd., org., hpchd.; ac.guit., semi-ac.guit., el.guit., 4-string Bass, 6-string Bass; ch.bells, perc., h.perc., cajon, dr.,)
Missa Rigensis; Missa Brevis-E flat major (CD) ()
Forgivness and Happiness is Born ()
Music for Piano and String Orchestra (pno.; vln.I., vln.II., Vla., Vc., db)
Fantasia Rustica (A sax.; org)
Waiting for Godot (vln, vlc)
The Nightingale (SSSSSAAAAACtTTTTTBBBBB; recorders (S-nino, S, A, T))
Odi et amo (SATTBB)
Riga, My White Riga (SATB)
The Great Celebration Concert of the 8th World Choir Games ()
Songs About Latvia's Rivers ()
Final Concert- Songs for Mixed Choir ()
Concert ''Riga 810'' Songs for Choirs ()
The Stable Boys' Beloveds are Singing (SSSAAA)
Te Deum Laudamus (SSAATTTBBB, soli treble, S, B; 2 ob., 2 bsn.; 2 tpt., 2 tba.; perc., organ (small and big), hp.; vln.I, vln.II, Vla., Vc., Db.)
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