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Parša, Ieva (1971)

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Singer Ieva Parsa mainly focuses on contemporary Latvian and international music but also enjoys singing baroque and romantic music repertoire, demonstrating great acting talent in all of these styles and paying great attention to the expressiveness of text and the emotional content of music. Many Latvian composers - Andris Dzenitis, Pauls Dambis, Marite Dombrovska, Gundega Smite, Kristaps Petersons, Imants Zemzaris amongst others – have composed specifically for Ieva’s voice. In 2008 she received the Latvian Great Music Award 2008 for her interpretations of Latvian solo songs and experimental vocal lyrics; she was also nominated for the Latvian Great Music Award 2009. Ieva Parša sings the roles of High Priestess (Aida), Mole Cricket (Speleju, dancoju), Dauka’s Mother (Dauka) at the Latvian National Opera. Her collaborative programmes with pianist Aldis Liepins “The Brightly Radiant Latvian Gray”, “Story of a Woman” and “Dudievins” have delighted Latvian audiences.

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