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Hochman, Gilad (1982)

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Gilad Hochman, one of Israel's most prominent composers, is widely considered to be a rising talent on the international classical music scene. At the age of 22 Hochman became the youngest person ever to be appointed as Composer-in-Residence by one of Israel’s leading orchestras, the Raanana Symphonette.  By 24 he was the youngest composer to be awarded the prestigious Israeli Prime Minister Award (2007) for his artistic work. Hochman’s music has been described as “written with a true artist’s hand” (Ora Binur, Ma’ariv newspaper) and as “the highpoint of an exciting performance” (Malcolm Miller, Tempo Magazine). His work includes a wide range of compositions, reflecting a variety of aesthetic approaches. In his music, Hochman places much emphasis on themes relating to the Jewish tradition and his Israeli origins, while creating his own contemporary musical language – personal, lyrical and expressive. Gilad Hochman currently divides his time between Israel and Berlin, Germany.

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