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Dubra, Rihards (1964)

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Meine Seele preist die Größe des Herrn (SSATBB)
Der Sturm (SSAATBB)
The Mystery of His Birth (Vlc. solo; fl.I, picc.I, fl.II, picc.II, ob.I, ob.II, cl.I, cl.II., bsn.I, bsn.II, hn.I, hn.II, tpt.I, tpt.II, perc., timp., vln.I-I, vln.I-II, vln.II-I, vln.II-II, vlas, vlc, Db.)
Gott ist meine Rettung (SSAATBB)
Over Bethlehem... (SATB; org.)
Divine Rose (org.)
Par mani gryutas mūkas... (SATB)
Laudate Dominum de Caelis (SSSAA)
Divertissement No. 4 (picc., Fl., ob., cl. in B, bsn., hn. in F, Tpt. in B, tbn., tba.; perc. (mar., timp., tub. b., susp. cym.); hp.)
Selected Songs for Mixed Choir ()
A Child's Prayer (SS, SSA)
Hail, O Star of the Ocean (TTTBB)
The Dream of the Invisible Rain (cl. in A; vln. I, vln. II, Vla., Vc.)
Toccata (org)
O Be Joyful in God (SATB; s.sax.; perc. (ch.bells, gong, chimes); org.)
Rihards' Christmas ()
This is a Day of Glory (SAATB)
A Great Wonder in Bethlehem (S solo, SATBB)
Christmas Eve (S solo, SAATTBB)
The Candles Glow (SSSA)
Ave Maria VI (S, org.)
Sermon on the Mount (SATB; solo B; 2 fl., 2 ob., 2 B, 2 bsn.; 3 F, 3 tpt. in B, timp.; perc. (ch. bells, chimes); hp.; vln.I, vln.II, Vla., Vc., Db.)
Miniature (Vla., pno.)
Silence, Love and Light (SSAAATTBB; perc.(vib., ch.bells, w.bells, chimes, t.-t., bd.); vln. I, vln. II, Vla., Vc., Db.)
Nocturne (12 saxophones (3 quartets))
Tune of vision (SA; mar., Db.)
Hail, O Star of the Ocean (for female choir (SSSAA))
Hail, O Star of the Ocean (for mixed choir (SSATB))
Lumen Christi (soli (STB); SSAATTBB; 2 fl., 2 ob.; 2 hn. in F, 2 tpt. in B; perc: vib., ch. bells, chimes, w.bells, t.-t.; timp.; hp.; vln. I, vln. II, Vla., Vc., Db.)
Hail, holy Queen (SSSSSAA)
Hail, Holy Queen (SSSAAA)
Vidi Quattuor Angelos (Mez; sax. (SATB))
Veni Creator Spiritus I , II (SATB)
Magdalene (SATB)
Laudate... (SATB)
Oratorio in Natali Gaudio (soli Mez, T; SSAATTBB; 2 fl., ob., B; hn. in F, 2 tpt. in B; perc. I (ch.bells, vib., camp., cym.), perc. II (tri., w. bells, susp.cym., tom-t., t.-t.); hp.; vln. I, vln. II, Vla., Vc., Db.)
O vos omnes (SSATBB)
Solitude (pno.)
Sing Joyfully (SATB; pno.; perc. (ch.bells, susp.cym., tom-t.))
This is a Day of Glory (SSSAAA)
Jūrmala Partita (org., Fl., perc., hp.)
To my Cathedral (SSATB, ob., 2 cl., 2 vln., Vla., Vc., Db., Organ)
In Paradisum (SSAATBB)
Hymnus Solemnis (SSAATTBB; perc. (campanelli, campanelli aeolici, campane, tam-tam); string orchestra)
Symphony No. 2 (symphony orchestra)
You are (mixed choir)
Elegy (SSSAAA)
At Christmas (SS soli, SATB)
Verbum Caro (SATB)
Adagio Appassionato (for symphonic wind orchestra)
You Beautiful Rose from God's Garden (SSAATTBB)
Sorcery with Cold Light (Fl., Pno)
Lauda Anima Mea ()
Oculus Non Vidit, CD ()
The Healing Rain (saxophone quartet)
Songs for Male Voice Choirs ()
Hodie Christus natus est (TTBB)
Verbum Caro (TTBB)
Der heilige Abend kommt hernieder (TTBB)
Choral Anthology 2 (mixed choir (SATB))
Choral Anthology 1 (mixed choir (SATB))
A Baltic Christmas (mixed choir (SATB))
Songs for Female Choir 2 ()
Songs for Female Choir 1 ()
Urbs Ierusalem Beata (SSAATBB; s.sax.; perc. (ch.bells, chimes, t.-t., bd.); organ)
O Radix Jesse (SSATBB)
Lord, Have Mercy on Me (SATB)
Missa simplex III (SATB)
Missa simplex II (SATB, org.)
Missa Sine Nomine (SSSAAA)
The Candles Glow (SSATB)
The Candles Glow (SSATB)
Little Divertissement (Fl., 2 vln., Vla., pno.)
Prayer (SATB)
Quietly in the Host my Jesus (SATB)
Cherry Madrigal (SSAA)
Kokle Concert ()
How Gently and Lovingly... (SATB)
How Gently and Lovingly... (SSAA)
Latvian Folksongs for solo instruments with piano accompaniment (Instruments in C (Vijoles atslēga), Instruments in C (Basa atslēga), Instruments in Bb, Instruments in F, Instruments in Eb, pno.,)
Music for Organ (org.)
Prayer (mixed choir (SATB))
Christmas ()
The Angels' Songbook: Christmas Songs for Choir ()
Anthology of Latvian Choral Music XII: Journeys of the Soul (1940-2000) ()
Hand mit Blumenstrauss (SSSAAA)
Et vidi caelum novum (SSAAATBB)
Laudate... (SSAA)
Laudate... (TTBB)
Divertissement No. 3 (Fl., cl. in B, guit., Db.)
How Wonderful, My God, You Lead Me! (SATB)
Christmas Spirit (SSAAA)
A Child's Prayer (SSAATB)
A Child's Prayer (SSAATB)
Benedicam Dominum (S solo, mixed choir (SATB))
Adoramus Te, Christe (Mixed choir (SSAATTBB))
Accedite Gentes (soli (SSSS), mixed choir (SSSAATTTBB), organ and instrumental ensemble (vla.; 2 tpt.; perc.: t.-t., bd., tri., whist., metal bells, rainstick))
Abide With Me (mixed choir (SATB)
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (Piano and Simfony orchestra)
Solfeggio 1st- 4th class ()
Solfeggio 5th-7th class ()
Ostinato, Fuga e quasi una Toccata (Organ)
At Christmas (SS soli, SSAA)
Visio remissionis (Marimba)
Vigilia (sax. (SSATB))
Viderunt omnes fines terrae (SATB, mar.)
Via Lucis (vln., Vla., Vc., pno.)
On a Cool Winter’s Night (SATB)
Venite omnes (SSAATB; fl.; hn.; vln.I, vln.II, Vla., Vc., Db.)
Veni, veni, o Sancte Spiritus (SATB)
Veni Sancte Spiritus (SATB)
Veni Creator Spiritus II (SATB)
Veni Creator Spiritus I (SATB)
A Wish (Prayer II) (SSATBB)
The Sound of Apple-blossom in the Wind (Piano)
Vater Unser (SATB)
Ubi caritas (SSATB)
Three little preludes (Piano)
Totus tuus (SSSAA)
Tota Pulchra es Virgo Maria (SATB)
Our Father (SATB)
Tears of Light (kokle)
Te Deum simplex (SATB, 2 tpt., org.)
Te Deum simplex (SATB, 2 tpt., org.)
Te Deum (boys' choir, girls' choir, female choir, male choir, double mixed choir; s.sax., hn., org., perc.:chimes, t.-t.)
On This Holy Night (SSSAA)
Christmas Eve (SSSSAA)
Stetit Angelus (SSAATBB)
Signum Magnum (choir I (SSAAATTBB), choir II (SATB), solo quartet I, II (SATB), soli (TTTBB))
Salve Regina II (solo S, org./pno.)
Salve Regina (SSSAAATTBB)
Salve Mater (SSSAAA)
The Autumn Flowers (Piano)
An Autumn Scene (Piano)
Autumn Confusion Prelude (pno.)
Rosa vernans caritatis (SSSAA)
Rosa vernans caritatis (SATB)
Rorate coeli II (SAT/B)
Rorate cæli (SSAATB, soli ST)
Rorando coeli (SAATBB)
It Should Be Tomorrow … (SSAATTBB)
Regina caeli laetare (SAA, Fl., 2 vc.)
Quam benignus es (SSAATTBB)
Puer natus in Bethlehem (SSAATTBB)
Raising My Full Hands (SATB)
The Litany of Forgiving Light (Organ)
Pater Noster (SSATB)
Panis Angelicus (SATB)
Omnes sitientes venite ad aquas (choir I (SATB), choir II (SSAAATTBB), a.sax., sax.quartet (SATB), perc.: I - tri., w.bells, ch.bells, vib., susp.cym., cym., tom-t.; II - chimes, t.-t., bd.; org.)
Oculus non vidit (SAAAATBB)
O Magnum Mysterium (SSSAAATTBB)
O Crux ave (SATB)
O bone Jesu (SAATBB)
Nunc dimittis (TTTBB)
Golden Dew Fell (SSSAAA)
Come, Dear Child (SSAAA)
Come and See (SATBB)
The Silvery Snow Shines (SATB, org.)
The Longing of Eternal Hills (Organ)
The Light of Eternal Longing (mar.; vln.I (div.3), vln.II (div.3), vla.(div.2) vc.(div.2), Db.)
The Supplication to the Mystic Rose (rec., mar.)
Missa Sinceritatis (solo T, SSAAATTBB, ob., org., perc. (tri., t.-t., C-ne, c-lli))
Missa simplex V (SAT/B, Fl., org., vln.I, vln.II, Vla., Vc., Db.)
Missa simplex IV (SATB, 2 tpt., org.)
Missa simplex III (SATB, org.)
Missa simplex II (SATB)
Missa simplex I (SATB)
Missa Mundi (SSAATTBB, org.)
Missa de Spiritu Sancto (SSSAAA, org.)
Misericordias Domini... (SATB)
Miserere mei (SAATBB)
The Candles Glow (SSAAA)
Misty weather (SSAAATTB)
Moonlight Dream Music (vln.I, vln. II, Vla., Vc., Db.)
Moonlight Dream Music (vln. I, II; vc.; pno.)
Meditation in the Light of Mystic Rose (Organ)
The Little and Naive Christmas Prelude (pno.)
A Little Mystery (s.sax.; Db.; perc.: mar., ch.bells, gr.c., tri., susp.cym., t.-t., vib., xyl., camp., cym., t-ro milit., tom.-t., timp.)
Magnificat II (SSA, 2 fl., 2 ob., 2 cl., 2 bsn.; 4 hn., 2 tpt., tbn.; perc.: tri., sd., susp.cym., tom.-t., ch.bells, xyl., bd., chimes; vln.I, vln.II, Vla., Vc., Db.)
Magnificat (SATBB)
Lux Confessionis (Vc., org.)
Lux aeterna (sax. (SATB))
Prayer (SATB, ob. (fl./cl.), pno. (org.))
Prayer (SATB)
A Prayer (SATB)
Great Wonder in Bethlehem (SSSAAA)
Prayer of Easter Morning (pno.)
Levavi oculos meos in montes (male ensemble (CtCtTBB); mixed choir (SSAATTBB); perc.: vib., tri., susp. cym., t.-t., hp.; vln. I (div.3), vln. II (div.3), vla. (div.2), vc. (div.2), Db.)
Laudate Dominum de caelis (SSSAAA, 2 fl., s.sax., pno., perc., vln.I, vln.II, Vla., Vc., Db.)
Laudate Dominum (SAA)
Lauda anima mea Dominum (SSSSAA)
A Latvian’s Faith (SATB)
Laetentur caeli (SSSAAATTBB, Fl., 2 kokles/hp., acc., perc.: (tri., chimes., cym.))
Cherry Madrigal (TTBB)
Lord, You Understand Me… (SATB)
Lord Jesus has Risen (SATB)
Lord Jesus, Morning Star (SSAATBB)
Concerto for kokle and chamber orchestra (kokle, perc; vln. I, vln. II, Vla., Vc., Db.)
When the Priest Raises the Blessed Host (SATB)
Mother Of The Sea (SSA (tri., drum))
The Sea (SATB)
Jubilate Deo (SAA, Fl., ch.bells, 2 vc.)
If You Come Down From Heaven… (SSSAAATTBB)
Hymnus Te Deum Laudamus (SAT/B)
Hodie Christus natus est (II) (SAT/B)
Hodie Christus natus est (I) (SAT/B)
Hail, Queen of Heaven (SSAATTBB)
Gloria Patri (SSAATTBB)
Florete Flores (SSATB)
Felix namque es... (SATB)
Exultate iusti (SSAATTBB, perc. (2 players): vib., timp., campane, t.-tam, campanelli, bd., ptti ord., ptti sosp., ; 4 hn., 4 tpt., 4 tbn., 2 tba., euph.)
Expressia (vln., pno.)
Exaudi nos (SATB)
Etude (pno.)
Ave Maria (S, pno. / org.)
I Lift My Eyes to the Mountains (TTTBBB)
I Want to See Jesus (SATB, S solo, org.)
Eripe me (SATB)
Weep, Ye Angels! (SATB)
Ein Lied an Gott (SATB)
Ego sum resurrectio et vita (SATBB)
Ecce Dominus (Behold, the Lord) (solo S, A sax., org.)
Duo Seraphim (SSAAATB)
Dominus regit me (SAA)
Dominus regit me (SATB)
Domine Dominus noster (SSSAA)
I Beg Thee, Lord (SATB)
Divertissement (Fl., Vc., hpchd.)
Dilexi, quoniam exaudiet (SATB, s.sax., hn., 2 vln., Vla., Vc., Db.)
The Touch of Our Lady's Sight (Organ)
Der heilige Abend (solo S, Fl., 2 vln., Vla., Vc., Db.)
Secret of the pinetrees of Ciekurkalns (SSA, Fl., ob., vib., 2 vln., Vla., Vc., Db.)
Song Cycle with Texts by Aspazija (SSSAAA)
Confitemini Domino (SATTBB)
How Slowly and Full of Wonder (SSSAAA)
Cantus Orationis (A. sax., org.)
Cantus in aeternum (SSAATTBB, soli SSTB, 2 fl., 2 ob., 2 bsn., 2 hn., 2 tpt., 3 tbn.; perc.:I - ch.bells. vib., chimes, cym.;II - tri., susp.cym., sd., tom.-t., t.-t.; hp.;vln.I (div.2), vln.II (div.2), Vla., Vc., Db.)
Cantus in aeternum (SSAATTBB, soli SSTB, 2 fl., 2 ob., 2 bsn., 2 hn., 2 tpt., 3 tbn.; perc.:I - ch.bells. vib., chimes, cym.;II - tri., susp.cym., sd., tom.-t., t.-t.; hp.;vln.I (div.2), vln.II (div.2), Vla., Vc., Db.)
Canticum fratris solis (SSAATB, ob., hn., org.)
Cantate Domino (SA, 2 fl., 2 vc., ch.bells)
Cantata in Nativitate Domini (solo T, SAATB; Fl., ob., bsn.; hn., tpt.; perc.: susp.cym., tom-t., chimes, ch.bells; hp.; vln.I, vln.II, Vla., Vc., Db.)
A Child`s Prayer (soli SS, SSA)
Benedicta es (SSSAAATTBB)
Beata es, Virgo Maria (solo voice (S), org./pno.)
Ave verum corpus (SSAATBB)
Ave regina caelorum II (SSAAAA)
Ave Regina caelorum (SSAA, Fl., ch.bells, 2 vc.)
Ave Maris Stella (SAT/B)
Ave Maria V (SSSAAA)
Ave Maria IV (SSAA)
Ave Maria II (SSA)
Ave Maria II (SAATBB)
Ave Maria I (SSAATBB)
Audierunt quia ingemisco ego (SSAATTB)
The Crocks of Reflections (pno., 4 hands)
The Crocks of Reflections (pno.)
Memory Game (4 vln., Vc.)
Asperges me (SATB)
The Bell of Araisi Church (SATB)
With Longing I Await You (SATB)
Anima Christi (SSATBB)
Alma Redemptoris Mater (SAATB, ob., org.)
Alma Redemptoris Mater (SAATB, S sax., org.)
Alleluia (SATB, ob., hn.; 2 vln., Vla., Vc., Db.)
Stones (SATB)
Landscape (Vc., pno.)
Invitation (bells)
Adorna thalamum (female choir / vocal ensemble (SSA) and brass quintet: hn., 2 tpt., tbn., tba.)
Adoramus Te (TTTTBBBB)
Ad te levavi oculos meos (mixed choir (SATB))
Psalm 22 (SATB)
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